Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buffet syndrome

Are you by chance having a bloated stomach, a stuck sensation in your throat, a sense of pride but with a tinge of regret? Then you’re most likely suffering from buffet syndrome. ^_^

How do you get infected :

You walk by an array of shops searching for your next meal when you suddenly see a sign : All you can eat!! at only RM xx.xx++ . You checked further and oh, it’s a Japanese cuisine/Western food/etc. buffet restaurant! Calculating the price per pax of the buffet compared to the price of each dish in normal restaurants, you decided to go in.

Meeting with the array of food as you go in hungrily, you decided to stuff all the food you can hold into your plate and tucked in like hungry vultures. Second round, third round, and you decided to go for a 4th round. Unfortunately, time lag causes the “Full’ signal in your stomach to reach your brain after you filled your plate full with that delicious spring roll which you found out at your 2nd round or whatever. But anyway, you stuffed it down your throat too, not letting your favourite food gone to waste.

Now it’s cool down time (or half-time for some), and you decided to have some tea. Sipping tea, you suddenly saw someone carrying food you haven’t tasted yet to their tables. You thought,’ Sure I couldn’t have missed that!’ and ran away in search of the food.

You found it and ate it happily, but your stomach’s bloated than ever. ‘Okay, that’s enough’, you thought, but then you realise that you haven’t ate your share of the RM xx.xx paid at the counter yet. You then proceed to stuff your mouth with more food and congratulations, YOU'RE INFECTED. Burst your stomach, and somehow can feel that food is filled up to your throat. Still, being the never-say-die hot-blooded diner you are, you scooped a big chunk of ice-cream before you left.

Syndromes : Mentioned above.

Cure : There’s only one way – what goes in; must come out. You will probably get yourself some laxative or traditional meds, but usually it will take two days or three to clear all the stuff. And for the time being, I guess you will run away when you see food, or worse, a placard that cries, ‘ All-You-Can-Eat Buffet!!!’.

Immunity : Unless you are eating buffet everyday, I’m afraid that the answer is – no.

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