Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Behind the wheels

Yup, I’m behind the wheels now - with 3 days of driver experience ^^.

Just got my P (Probation) license on Monday and since then every evening I look forward to drive Ma’s faithful old Atos. But for now I still have Pa or Ma following whenever I drive, and my most recent accomplishment is driving out into the neighbourood commercial centre last night. You may think it’s no big deal, but the roads at my place are lawless and there’s that particularly freaky junction that even good drivers had to be extra careful when using it.

And one thing is that on the real thing, I realise that sometimes you need to bend the laws a bit, according to the situation. Especially in my area where cars are haphazardly parked and motorcycles zooming everywhere like it’s their grandfather’s road. But of course; signals, stopping at junctions, looking behind before turning, etc. are still a must as precautions.

Well, everyone is sure to improve over time, but for now my driving skills are not enough to drive to Kajang tomorrow to take my result, just yet…

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