Sunday, March 21, 2010

Whirlwind ~新しいの風~

My mum remarked one night – you are going through a whirlwind of new things now…
And how true that is! From the moment I finished my SPM, then comes learning to drive, start working for the 1st time; and then follows taking the results, driving on the road, exploring higher education… until after National Service when I have finally chosen a course and college and settled down.
About education… At the moment something alternative comes to mind – the American Degree Transfer Programme, a 4 year programme that takes me straight from SPM to degree. It’s more expensive, and actually most haven’t heard about it, going ‘What?’ when I told them about ADTP. A-Levels is only just Pre-U, and I think if there’s a fast route available, why not? Like the Chinese always say, ‘行得快, 好世界’(lit. meaning walk quickly to have a great world… Don’t ask me what it really means = =)
Everyday’s a new experience, a new perspective, a new adventure! 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buffet syndrome

Are you by chance having a bloated stomach, a stuck sensation in your throat, a sense of pride but with a tinge of regret? Then you’re most likely suffering from buffet syndrome. ^_^

How do you get infected :

You walk by an array of shops searching for your next meal when you suddenly see a sign : All you can eat!! at only RM xx.xx++ . You checked further and oh, it’s a Japanese cuisine/Western food/etc. buffet restaurant! Calculating the price per pax of the buffet compared to the price of each dish in normal restaurants, you decided to go in.

Meeting with the array of food as you go in hungrily, you decided to stuff all the food you can hold into your plate and tucked in like hungry vultures. Second round, third round, and you decided to go for a 4th round. Unfortunately, time lag causes the “Full’ signal in your stomach to reach your brain after you filled your plate full with that delicious spring roll which you found out at your 2nd round or whatever. But anyway, you stuffed it down your throat too, not letting your favourite food gone to waste.

Now it’s cool down time (or half-time for some), and you decided to have some tea. Sipping tea, you suddenly saw someone carrying food you haven’t tasted yet to their tables. You thought,’ Sure I couldn’t have missed that!’ and ran away in search of the food.

You found it and ate it happily, but your stomach’s bloated than ever. ‘Okay, that’s enough’, you thought, but then you realise that you haven’t ate your share of the RM xx.xx paid at the counter yet. You then proceed to stuff your mouth with more food and congratulations, YOU'RE INFECTED. Burst your stomach, and somehow can feel that food is filled up to your throat. Still, being the never-say-die hot-blooded diner you are, you scooped a big chunk of ice-cream before you left.

Syndromes : Mentioned above.

Cure : There’s only one way – what goes in; must come out. You will probably get yourself some laxative or traditional meds, but usually it will take two days or three to clear all the stuff. And for the time being, I guess you will run away when you see food, or worse, a placard that cries, ‘ All-You-Can-Eat Buffet!!!’.

Immunity : Unless you are eating buffet everyday, I’m afraid that the answer is – no.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Still da Pen is mightier than Photoshop

Yup, and that means I would still write.

Getting the big B+ on BM was a little bit unexpected, and mars my otherwise beautiful, colourful result slip. AS you know (or may not know), I’ve never seen a B for my BM, and my essays are considered top notch, but this time only god knows what happened.

Well, it’s still cosnidered okay, just that I will miss out on some already heavily-contested scholarship programmes offered by the government and GLCs. And what’s more, now no one can doubt my English level, since I get A+ in English, EST and even the 1119(GCE-O) level I scored 1A. That is an alternative result as marked by Cambridge examiners (every essay in the SPM is sent there for marking).

To you who are so good in BM~~~~~~ Do try out these scholarship, and don’t try to fight with me on others ><

Petronas Scholarship

Deadline : 19 March 2010

JPA Scholarship


Newspaper Article by JPA:



** NOTE: PLEASE read the FAQ and Rules before asking questions.


DEADLINE: 17 March 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Picture = Words X 1000


A picture speaks a thousand words. ‘nuff said.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Behind the wheels

Yup, I’m behind the wheels now - with 3 days of driver experience ^^.

Just got my P (Probation) license on Monday and since then every evening I look forward to drive Ma’s faithful old Atos. But for now I still have Pa or Ma following whenever I drive, and my most recent accomplishment is driving out into the neighbourood commercial centre last night. You may think it’s no big deal, but the roads at my place are lawless and there’s that particularly freaky junction that even good drivers had to be extra careful when using it.

And one thing is that on the real thing, I realise that sometimes you need to bend the laws a bit, according to the situation. Especially in my area where cars are haphazardly parked and motorcycles zooming everywhere like it’s their grandfather’s road. But of course; signals, stopping at junctions, looking behind before turning, etc. are still a must as precautions.

Well, everyone is sure to improve over time, but for now my driving skills are not enough to drive to Kajang tomorrow to take my result, just yet…

Monday, March 8, 2010


And I’ve joined them who left in search of better life… Don’t get it wrong, I’m not MP of some opposition, just a former storekeeper who joined the list of retired 99speedmart employees. Thanks to fellow bosses and colleagues who have taken good care of me during my stint and wishing all the best to them.

And to start my ‘lecture’, through my job and driving lessons with fellow friends, I came to realise that in the world academics aren’t everything. During school, the boundary that differentiates the ‘good’ from the ‘poor’ students is unfortunately the marks they get in routine exams. I also have that view as I’m more of an above-average student at school, and guiltily I tend to subconsciously look down on those from the lower-performing classes. The education system, the school, the teachers are responsible for this mindset to prevail, and the supposedly ‘poorer’ students are lumped together and treated as invalids (TRUTH : It’s as said by a teacher of mine), although they’re not and have skills and interests of their own.

Life goes a lot deeper than that, and everyone have their own skills. Of course, in the advanced world knowledge is the best weapon, but other skills are also necessary to complete a society. Fortunately, the big world can still use such skills and they can hone and put their skills to good use. Ultimately, it’s good enough if you earn an honest living and render your services to society.

Education isn’t limited to just pen, paper, books and exam marks. It is a continuous process that takes into account experience, general knowledge, critical and logical thinking, and of course lessons learnt during the course of life.

But well, another academic performance result is coming out on Thursday, and it’s none other than the result of the Big S – SPM!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

National Service

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English : “National Service: 2nd Batch at Ulu Pari Camp, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. Pickup point : Kajang Bus Stop, Jalan Reko, Kajang. “

The address of the camp is Kem Ulu Pari Aqua Village, Kampung Gadong, Kota, Rembau, N.Sembilan. Have been doing some research on this camp since morning when I confirmed the camp I was going and seems this camp has quite some positive remarks from former trainees. Well, I’ll be there for 3 months so I sure hope that I’m well prepared before going.

Leaving on March 27, and hoping to have a good time there!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Truth of Ah Beh

So it turned out that Faais is returning to Kota Baru to help his father, who is actually a subcontractor – not bad actually. So I guess that his trip to KL is to open his eyes to another world, which somehow reflects some of my situation now. Ah Beh is according to his Kelantanese for Big Bro, who is leaving approx. this week.

As for me, I’m also leaving quite soon, to go on another journey to widen my views and enrich my experiences…