Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Life - I like it longer,
So that I can savour all the goodies before I leave
And create more ripples for the future to see

Growing up - I like it longer,
So I can enjoy playing more before facing reality
And learn more lessons before I take responsibility

Cars - I like it longer,
Cos' well you know the glam of long, long Cadillacs
The longer the better and more goods stored at the back

Hair - I (would) like it longer,
Because I wonder what will it be like
Will my stubborn hair still stand, gravity defied?

Occasions(happy) - I like it longer,
To give me a break from the usual routine
And Malaysian occasions means more things to eat!

Change - I like it longer,
Cos' too drastic a change will leave things in fiasco
Keeping it slow and steady is the right way to go

Opinions - I like it longer,
Cos' too short a suggestion may sound different to me
And a clearer picture from you is all that I need

Late nights - I like it longer
To give me more time to review and reflect
And to dream about the future of limitless prospects

Actions - I (would) like it (to be) longer
Cos' election promises are not supposed to be a one-week thing
The promises you make and break will come back to sting

Teh Tarik - I like it (pulled) longer
With tea, water and gravity together in blended harmony
The decepting cup which keeps me up - until two in the morning

Everything - I like them longer,
Cos' longer means more to see, know and savour,
And a longer LG Chocolate packs in more power!

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