Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Me at work

Time flies by and now two weeks has passed since I first started work. May I entertain you with my report?

Well, I am a part-time storekeeper at 99SpeedMart at a branch near my house. As a storekeeper I get to do things I don’t usually do – carrying boxes of foods and goods, marking prices on them (jargon : punch), entertaining customers at the shop and assisting them in carrying their purchases into their car. Actually, the store just opened a few days ago, the last two weeks I’ve been assisting in preparing the store for business. You can say I witnessed the store starting from scratch, from renovation, setting up shelves, wiring until unloading goods, arranging and punching them from scratch until the racks are all full and ready for business.

The result? I have build up some muscles ^_^, used my free time and gained an insight into the world of supermarket retailing. Some things that might not ever crossed the mind of ordinary people is vital and important to our business. And of course, I got to know my colleagues, most of them which are of a different part of society which I may never cross paths with had I not work with them. I had broaden my views, gained more skills and experiences, and these are what I’m really looking for.

And finally , I’m glad to be able to render my services to society!

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