Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Side


The Malaysian Dream -

Him, her, me, you...
all came to this city to look for something,
to seek for something,
and to change something. ~Durarara! Ep. 2~

No, I do not mean any supernatural dimensions or any dark abyss of the human psychology… Although I would really like to write about those ^^, ’Another Side’ refers to a hidden part of society from my point of view, which I came to know and understand these few days…

My colleagues are from many walks of life; some locals like me passing time waiting for their next chapter in life to start, some from faraway states (Kelantan) coming to KL with a dream… and some (I presume) that once had a good job but somehow lost it and now stands by as they wait for their next opportunity.

I had a chat with a colleague, Faais today. He is 21 and hails from Kelantan, and now is a storekeeper with monthly pay RM750. I asked him: How do you get by with that salary? He just replied, rent 200, food 200, cigarette 100, the rest keep-lah.

The urban poverty line is around RM2000, but that applies for families only. It depends on the individual if he’s a bachelor. Thinking ahead, it’s better that he go get a skill and work in ideally government sectors (more stable). My mom quoted male nurses as it is lacking in society now. There are many roads, KPJ, Masterskill etc. all you have to do is find the way and eventually you’ll find one. Maybe I’ll tell him tomorrow, and hopefully he’ll take that into heart. Those storekeeper jobs are really short-term only…

Come to think of it, my assistant manager (quite young still) which is getting married sprouted such a sentence “The most important thing to women is to find a good husband”. She intends to quit and be a housewife. Just think about it, my usual company sure will have marriage last on their minds. These are truly of a different side from mine, different point of view, and gives me a different view of the world out there.

And yup, there are still more sides to see, the corporate side, the middle- class side, the rural side (may be getting to know in NS), the Dark side, the international side…

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