Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quo Vadis, Malaysia?

Several incidents that sparks this thought about my beloved country...

After the ruckus concerning the issue of the Word, political topics seems the talk of the day around the surroundings. Malaysia who is supposed to be a peaceful country was marred of its image by some unlawful extremists. Some of my friends also suggest similar tactics, but to me such problems must be solved vis-a-vis and not by sweeping under the carpet or tackled by force. Fire cannot be covered by paper, as they say.

50-plus years down the road of independence, and still our country is divided by racial borders and outdated and backwards mindsets of yore. No thanks to some higher-ups who are narrow-minded, have personal agendas, greedy; and people who blindly accept and support them. In the modern times as of now, it is illogical that people still use religion and race as a weapon to inflict damage, hurt feelings and cause disharmony. These are childish, cowardly acts and should not even exist in the modern world, let alone be practised by supposedly educated politicians and leaders of the country.

Schoolbooks often boast about our modern infrastructure such as the LRT, KLIA, Petronas Twin Towers and such. It is true that our nation has progressed, but is it time now to rest on our laurels and stop progressing? If this were the case, the future of our nation sure looks bleak, especially after Vision 2020 when (if possible) we become a developed country and then stop developing. We cannot afford to rest as the river of change flows eternally against us and if we stop, we will just flow away from the ever-changing global landscape. There are still many problems to address, rural areas to be developed, environmental issues to be tackled. Come to think of it, I read this phrase often in the newspaper ‘first-world infrastructure but third-world mentality’. First world infrastructure? Don’t make me laugh.

So, where are you heading to, Malaysia? Prosperity or Poverty? Peace or Power tussles? Competivity or complacency?

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