Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life’s brief candle

Shakespeare never got it wrong, even after centuries long gone – Life is a brief candle…

Just as I got home with my mom from work and a trip to Econsave, animatedly discussing our dinner plans, a call broke the scene – my aunt called to inform that my cousin uncle has passed on after a car accident. Upon hearing this the atmosphere darkens, and several calls from other relatives follows; and of course, dinner turned to Maggi instant noodles no thanks to the incessant rain that adds to the gloominess. Pa even got home early skipping his usual Friday happy hour, feeling down as the cousin uncle is a good friend of his.

Life’s a brief candle, even the smallest hint of a wind will snuff it out. Even if there’s no wind, the candle will eventually burn out. Time passed will not return, just like how a used candle cannot return to its original length. Time is also a merciless painkiller and brainwasher, as time flows any painful episodes in life will eventually be overcame. We still have to eat. Life goes on. Unfortunately, time passed also makes us take things for granted and does not treasure the precious little things around us, side characters that make up our lives. When they eventually returns to the Creator we mourned and reflected, then the cycle take its place, again.

Therefore, I am here to remind you to treasure life and precious things around you, because time never repeats and what happened has happened, what’s gone is gone.

There’s no such thing as SAVE/LOAD GAME in the game of life.

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