Saturday, January 9, 2010

Imagination Limited

Of course, everyone has the capability to imagine… But how many of us are actually able and capable to turn that fantasy into reality?

For some fairly frequent sleepless nights, my mind will wander around until I stumble onto some ‘eureka’ moment, the moment of enlightening when something which does not exist comes to mind. It might be a story, a game, an online game, et cetera… The latest ‘eureka’ I had is an online farming game a la Harvest Moon. Delving deeper into my fantasy, I’ve even thought up the background story (colonisation of an inhospitable planet), drawn the world map, devised an agricultural price index system, navigation ways…

But of course, reality kicks in the next morning. I am amateurish on computer programming (HTML, CSS), much less about hosting games online on servers. And that’s the question about costs, time, manpower; as it’s obvious that my free time of about 3 months is far from enough to churn out games from scratch, i.e. learning how to program. And I suppose pretty soon, this hell of an idea will be stuffed away with my other hell of ideas, in which reality problems take over and maybe another ‘eureka’ idea.

Successful people are those who goes against the odds and bring their fantasies to the real world. These kinds of people seldom appears though, as many of us succumbs to real life under the pressure of peers, circumstances or just plain logic. I mean, humans are thinking beings, but it wouldn't hurt to go the extra mile out of the box, right?

As for me, I suppose I’ll just wait and see, until when situation allows and I have enough determination, perseverance and courage cultivated over the years…

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