Thursday, January 21, 2010

Helluva holidays

Actually I wonder if the times I’m in now are really holidays while waiting for results and NS…

#1, got a job at 99speedmart near my housing area! I reluctantly took the job after suffering from a serious bout of headache and lethargy (or maybe just plain simple lazy). Six-day, 4 hours work week with full time on Sundays (0930-2200). The pay is RM3.50 per hour, but I’m more for the experience and doing something to fill my time. Now into my third day, the store haven’t opened yet so I’m just helping around, organizing stuff and putting labels.

#2, I’m finally on the driver’s seat! After passing Undang and Pra-L swiftly, I’m now in a once-a-week driving lesson at Nilai. At my second lesson just yesterday, I was allowed to drive solo around the academy grounds without accelerator. I still find difficulty in moving the car on a slope, but basics are generally OK-liao. Hoping that I am fit for testing after 4 lessons scheduled, if not then need to pay extra for more lessons….

#3, there’s really no number 3 as the job has taken much of my time… just that I’m trying for some scholarships for now to keep my brains from rusting and…well, for the heck of it, since I have free time. And not forgetting my Theory and Piano exams in March and April respectively!

Hoping that y’all are also enjoying your holidays!

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