Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life’s brief candle

Shakespeare never got it wrong, even after centuries long gone – Life is a brief candle…

Just as I got home with my mom from work and a trip to Econsave, animatedly discussing our dinner plans, a call broke the scene – my aunt called to inform that my cousin uncle has passed on after a car accident. Upon hearing this the atmosphere darkens, and several calls from other relatives follows; and of course, dinner turned to Maggi instant noodles no thanks to the incessant rain that adds to the gloominess. Pa even got home early skipping his usual Friday happy hour, feeling down as the cousin uncle is a good friend of his.

Life’s a brief candle, even the smallest hint of a wind will snuff it out. Even if there’s no wind, the candle will eventually burn out. Time passed will not return, just like how a used candle cannot return to its original length. Time is also a merciless painkiller and brainwasher, as time flows any painful episodes in life will eventually be overcame. We still have to eat. Life goes on. Unfortunately, time passed also makes us take things for granted and does not treasure the precious little things around us, side characters that make up our lives. When they eventually returns to the Creator we mourned and reflected, then the cycle take its place, again.

Therefore, I am here to remind you to treasure life and precious things around you, because time never repeats and what happened has happened, what’s gone is gone.

There’s no such thing as SAVE/LOAD GAME in the game of life.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Helluva holidays

Actually I wonder if the times I’m in now are really holidays while waiting for results and NS…

#1, got a job at 99speedmart near my housing area! I reluctantly took the job after suffering from a serious bout of headache and lethargy (or maybe just plain simple lazy). Six-day, 4 hours work week with full time on Sundays (0930-2200). The pay is RM3.50 per hour, but I’m more for the experience and doing something to fill my time. Now into my third day, the store haven’t opened yet so I’m just helping around, organizing stuff and putting labels.

#2, I’m finally on the driver’s seat! After passing Undang and Pra-L swiftly, I’m now in a once-a-week driving lesson at Nilai. At my second lesson just yesterday, I was allowed to drive solo around the academy grounds without accelerator. I still find difficulty in moving the car on a slope, but basics are generally OK-liao. Hoping that I am fit for testing after 4 lessons scheduled, if not then need to pay extra for more lessons….

#3, there’s really no number 3 as the job has taken much of my time… just that I’m trying for some scholarships for now to keep my brains from rusting and…well, for the heck of it, since I have free time. And not forgetting my Theory and Piano exams in March and April respectively!

Hoping that y’all are also enjoying your holidays!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quo Vadis, Malaysia?

Several incidents that sparks this thought about my beloved country...

After the ruckus concerning the issue of the Word, political topics seems the talk of the day around the surroundings. Malaysia who is supposed to be a peaceful country was marred of its image by some unlawful extremists. Some of my friends also suggest similar tactics, but to me such problems must be solved vis-a-vis and not by sweeping under the carpet or tackled by force. Fire cannot be covered by paper, as they say.

50-plus years down the road of independence, and still our country is divided by racial borders and outdated and backwards mindsets of yore. No thanks to some higher-ups who are narrow-minded, have personal agendas, greedy; and people who blindly accept and support them. In the modern times as of now, it is illogical that people still use religion and race as a weapon to inflict damage, hurt feelings and cause disharmony. These are childish, cowardly acts and should not even exist in the modern world, let alone be practised by supposedly educated politicians and leaders of the country.

Schoolbooks often boast about our modern infrastructure such as the LRT, KLIA, Petronas Twin Towers and such. It is true that our nation has progressed, but is it time now to rest on our laurels and stop progressing? If this were the case, the future of our nation sure looks bleak, especially after Vision 2020 when (if possible) we become a developed country and then stop developing. We cannot afford to rest as the river of change flows eternally against us and if we stop, we will just flow away from the ever-changing global landscape. There are still many problems to address, rural areas to be developed, environmental issues to be tackled. Come to think of it, I read this phrase often in the newspaper ‘first-world infrastructure but third-world mentality’. First world infrastructure? Don’t make me laugh.

So, where are you heading to, Malaysia? Prosperity or Poverty? Peace or Power tussles? Competivity or complacency?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Imagination Limited

Of course, everyone has the capability to imagine… But how many of us are actually able and capable to turn that fantasy into reality?

For some fairly frequent sleepless nights, my mind will wander around until I stumble onto some ‘eureka’ moment, the moment of enlightening when something which does not exist comes to mind. It might be a story, a game, an online game, et cetera… The latest ‘eureka’ I had is an online farming game a la Harvest Moon. Delving deeper into my fantasy, I’ve even thought up the background story (colonisation of an inhospitable planet), drawn the world map, devised an agricultural price index system, navigation ways…

But of course, reality kicks in the next morning. I am amateurish on computer programming (HTML, CSS), much less about hosting games online on servers. And that’s the question about costs, time, manpower; as it’s obvious that my free time of about 3 months is far from enough to churn out games from scratch, i.e. learning how to program. And I suppose pretty soon, this hell of an idea will be stuffed away with my other hell of ideas, in which reality problems take over and maybe another ‘eureka’ idea.

Successful people are those who goes against the odds and bring their fantasies to the real world. These kinds of people seldom appears though, as many of us succumbs to real life under the pressure of peers, circumstances or just plain logic. I mean, humans are thinking beings, but it wouldn't hurt to go the extra mile out of the box, right?

As for me, I suppose I’ll just wait and see, until when situation allows and I have enough determination, perseverance and courage cultivated over the years…

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

3rd person’s point of view

I listened to my sister and brother complaining about school, homework, teachers, generally their school life which is progressing into its second day only – while I, for the first time, have graduated and is completely disassociated from school.

From a third person’s point of view, their rants are quite amusing, reminiscent of my old school life (a few months only). They complained of homework, meticulous teachers, early wake-up time, etc. etc… Never before in the past can I imagine myself hearing these and become mesmerised. In the past, I will unanimously agree with them and relay some complaints of my own. But this doesn’t mean I regretted graduating, as my homework-free, tuition-free, school-free life now is quite enjoyable and relaxing. After 11 years of schooling, it’s time for a break and to gain fresh experiences.

Well, I’ve enrolled in a different kind of school as of now – driving school, that is!