Friday, December 25, 2009

Play @ Krabi – Phi Phi Islands


When my ma enquired about the tours offered ( at the faux tourist info booth), the lady proudly proclaimed that ‘You don’t go to Phi Phi Islands, means you never came to Krabi’.

Some Geography – Phi Phi Islands are composed of two main islands, the larger Phi Phi Don with resorts and beaches, and the smaller, inhospitable Phi Phi Ley. Other islands includes islands such as Bamboo Island, Dog Island, et cetera.

Our tour brought us for snorkelling at several spots including Bamboo Island, Monkey Beach and a dive in the middle of the sea. The view (which I can’t present to you because my camera isn't waterproof) is quite fascinating, reminiscent of my Redang and Tenggol (Terengganu islands) trips long ago.


Other spots we explored are the Phi Phi Ley Islands,


Maya Beach,


and Phi Phi Don where we have lunch and I explored the science of creating rock solid sand balls.



Well, the sun is always bound to set and after playing our hearts out, we decided to call it a day. Boats in the picture are known as longtail boats, which I think is due to how they put their motors on a long metal pole extended from the boat.CIMG6337

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