Monday, December 28, 2009

play @ krabi – kayaking and elephant tour


Two activities in one day!

In the morning, we went to the jetty to ride our canoes and go canoeing, also known as ‘kayaking’. My ma fantasized that someone will row the boat while she swallows the surroundings, but reality is far from it.



Without strong muscles, we’re bound to snuff out quite fast. But with right techniques and strategy (cheats), we were able to keep up with the leader! One tip is to go the short way when turning corners, just make sure you don’t get washed ashore.


Me and my trusted partner boat. Actually, not so trusted because it capsized once.


Starfishes on a lagoon

The journey is about 4 hours. My mother vowed never going to kayak again!

Later in the day, we got some elephants for an authentic thai massage. Of course, not with them trampling on our backs.


Here lies another variety of the cashier counter paradox – Why do they seem to enjoy it so much, but when we ride it fear of falling off terrorizes us? Our elephant are unusually hyperactive, preferring to take the long way overgrown with shrubs and cobwebs.





After a whole day on the sea and elephants, it’s good to be back on land again!

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