Thursday, December 17, 2009

Orange warfare

One of my post-SPM activities includes bathing orange paint, and of course bathing other people with it using CO2 fuelled machine guns in the rough sand dunes, guerrilla jungle and lakeside gang-fight zone. This is orange warfare, where we fight our enemies for the joy of seeing orange on their heads (not for our lives) in the ground zero of Tanamera Paintball Park.

The journey to Tanamera in Sg Buloh takes about 2 hours from Kajang, and upon reaching we were briefed about paintball and rules and regulations, as well as getting a feel of our weapons.


The Centre


Getting a feel of our guns (they call it ‘marker’)

We played 3 battles in total, the first beside a lake named Lake Placid where we fought head-to-head. We had a disadvantage as the other team had a peninsula to stand on. The second one which took place at the Vietcong guerrilla jungle naturally had us seeing red too as my group was at the lower part of the hill slope. The 3rd which I feel is the best take place at the Dunes, which somehow feels like some Middle East war zone. We played an occupation match, and due to miscommunication in our team, the rival team took the chance to run straight to our base and plugged their flag there. And as you can see, my group lost all 3 battles ^^.


The Vietcong


Fr left : Me, Chua, Abu (our guide) and Liew

Through this orange warfare, I somehow thought that NS is going to be tougher than this! Seems I need to buff up before my turn in NS. And this game requires high level of stamina, strategy and teamwork of course. This will be good training for us urban fellows, and after all the most important thing is – It’s fun!

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