Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ivory Towers

Direct translation from Malay ’menara gading’, which roughly symbolizes the pinnacles of knowledge, i.e. universities, colleges and the likes of it.

Went to Mid Valley Exhibition Centre today with my gang to attend the Malaysian Education Fair. Unlike last time when my aim was unsure, I headed inside, activated my eagle eyes and find for the word ‘A-levels’ in the booths. Results, I found several colleges offering the programme, naming Taylor’s, Methodist College KL, UCSI, KTAR, KDU and INTI among others. My priority is to enquire about intakes and scholarships, however I found out a thing about A-Levels I didn’t know – the two types of courses, Cambridge and Edexcel offered by these colleges. This time my ‘souveniers’ are lighter that the last time, but still need to go through those brochures and fine print and double-check before deciding.

To readers who has experience in A-levels, have you any advices for me? Kindly leave it in the chatbox, many thanks in advance.

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