Friday, December 25, 2009

Impressions @ Krabi

Upon reaching Krabi after a short flight of 1 hour plus from KL, we booked a taxi to our pre-booked hotel, the Aonang Goodwill Hotel. My pa asked the driver to bring us to the town centre to search for some tours as we did not arrange any ground tours here unlike our previous tours. The driver then brought us to some official-looking booth with a sign that reads ‘tourist information’, but actually it is a travel agency inside. A walk along the Ao Nang area later confirmed my suspicions – a lot, if not all, the travel agencies offering tours displays the sign ‘tourist information’.

The locals here are quite well-mannered and friendly. Our hotel manager, Sun helped us carry our luggage to our rooms, recommended us some good places for Thai fare, and remembered our room numbers by heart. The guides on our tours are good too, and even the local merchandise sellers do not chase tourists unlike our past experiences in Bali and China which sellers are persistent and sometimes irritating.

Commercialisation rears its head here with the appearance of chain stores such as Burger King, McDonalds and Swensen’s among other stores. Many still prefer boutique, local places to eat as those shops are usually void of people. but still locals will feel the squeeze from the competition, and does not reflect the culture of Krabi. This kind of development is just over the line for me.


The omnipresent golden arches, even in Krabi


Notice the Subway store?

Nevertheless, Krabi is definitely a joyful and relaxing place, and I hope it would remain so for many years to come.

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