Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday hollow days

The world of SPM Candidates starts to spin again – after Chemistry, except those who take Chinese very seriously, unlike me. After all, the percentage of Chinese student likely to take Chinese is I think around 20%, maybe even less. I have taken Chinese, but is not even getting B’s on it. Answering these papers requires talent + luck…Wait, I think I’ve ranted on this in the earlier post, didn’t I?

Two days passed after Chem and I’m already in full holiday mode, playing console games, read comic, books, or just daydreaming around until night. You notice the pattern? That I’m doing things that are ‘hollow’, that makes no impact whatsoever to my life or of others. Every night that ambitious feeling kicks in, thinking ‘I will do something worthwhile tomorrow’. ‘I will do a morning workout’, ‘I will find something to learn tomorrow’, et cetera, et cetera. But, when the sun rises, reality kicks in and the strong electromagnetic waves of the PS2 pulls me towards it. and keeps me occupied for hours and hours.

I also would like to plan in advance for my coming three-months break, but with my NS appeal results not yet known planning is impossible. For now, I’ll just let the water flow and follow the currents, and see how it goes..

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