Monday, December 28, 2009

Gastronomy @ Krabi

Banana Pancake

One of the highlights in Krabi Gastronomy are the pancakes served by roadside hawkers. Dunno whether it can really be called pancakes though, it looks quite like the mamak stalls’ roti canai. Howvever, it is much tastier!


Our ‘frequent customer’ stall would be the one in front of the McDonalds, as my mum concludes that this stall serves the best pancakes ( as everything I eat are tasty for me). Also there are many other flavours and varieties available, but no matter what make sure you try the banana!


No.1 Thai Food

Opposite our hotel lies a restaurant that proclaims that they are “Number 1 Thai Food”. Out of curiosity we went over and had a bite – apparently the food was so nice we gobbled it up before I realized that I didn’t took any pictures! We also had a pleasant surprise when the Thai-Chinese owner speaks our dialect, Hakka. But the fact is out of 6 of us only my father can converse with her as I only know hakka as far as yit, ni sam, si…(1, 2, 3, 4…)

Sorry for no pictures and here’s a picture of the restaurant with that dazzling signboard – Proudly presented by Senior Fong, PhD in Gastronomy, Balakong Univ.


Deep-fried ghosts (w/kaya)

The last day, we spent our late morning at a restaurant serving ‘deep-fried ghosts’. If the name sounds funny, it is a literal translation from Chinese ‘you-zha-gui’ / Cantonese ‘yau-zha-guai’. It’s a piece of dough deep-fried and usually served in pairs of cut into several pieces. In Thai they serve the dish with some kaya (coconut egg jam).


Somewhere along the street there is another local restaurant serving steamboat, but we didn’t have the chance to try it. Likewise, I believe there are many more culinary delights out there waiting to be discovered, so don’t forget to search for more dishes if you’re going to Krabi!

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