Friday, December 4, 2009


The countdown meter is removed long ago, and time flies – 9 papers are marked off the list leaving Chemistry and Chinese Language. In overall my confidence is still there, the fighting spirit – but it faces danger of dimming out caused by the number of days separating these two papers – a week!

These two subjects are my nemesis. Chemistry is always my lowest subject among the three sciences, others being Bio and Physics. And Chinese, I never saw an A with it after going on to Form 4. Especially hating the subjective question, no matter what I write it will be greeted with a cross! I tried asking other students who fared better on the subject, and they replies it is a matter of whether your impression on the extract text given is similar to the marking scheme or otherwise. In other words, luck is your weapon. Being exposed to Chinese more is one advantage, but the language I use on the newspaper, forums, even my blog says it all.

What’s more, over the days we can recognize our invigilators now. One teacher who had quite a cool hairstyle recently cut his head botak (bald)! Another teacher is widely recognized because he share the same name with our protagonist in the novel for Malay Literature – Hilmi. Those who suddenly face short-term amnesia due to tension was in luck!

Still, the war’s ain’t over yet, and all the best!

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