Friday, November 13, 2009

Last days

Definitely, my last year in my alma mater, Yu Hua is also my most illustrious one. Being the class monitor of my class 5E is a blessing, albeit sometimes in disguise. If I hadn’t been the class monitor many experiences would have been missed, many lessons not learnt and many camaraderie not gained. Though being in charge makes sweat, blood and bone-cracking complimentary, I am glad to be entrusted this position for 1 year.

Playing host to our graduation party, I am relieved that it went well although the result is far from my estimations. In my plan I never would have thought that there will be a situation in which food supply is too much, no thanks to the organizer for not letting us know beforehand. My worries of not enough funds and food is proved otherwise, and many sleepless hours gone to waste. In fact, we still have some dough in the class coffers and is wondering how to deal with it.


Graduates gone wild~


Picture with our Chinese teacher Pn Yong…


…and with History teacher Pn Noraini (left) and Chemistry teacher Pn Hartini (right).

Over the years I was out of the ordinary as some people say, publishing an arsenal of independent, DIY newsletters through Form 1, 2 and 4 (my most extraordinary achievement to date), even though I risk my own pocket money just for the sake of publishing a new issue. The feeling of the creation of a new issue, or what I call “Hot out of the oven” is unparalleled. One guy quoted me as a “guy with a lot of creative ideas” in my leaf album. Even my term in office has been branded by some as “the craziest monitor”, “one extraordinary monitor”, etc. With impressions like that left in your memories, here’s hoping my deep footsteps won’t be washed away in your beach of memories.

As what was written on our class shirt - “Memories chained in our hearts, are keys to a brand new start”, here’s wishing the best of luck to all graduates who are starting a new chapter of life.

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