Sunday, October 4, 2009

Teh Tarik

The iconic steel mug in my kitchen - When it is brought out, that could only mean one thing - It's teh tarik time!

Teh tarik, a perfect blend of tea and milk, the cup of tea for sweet-toothed Malaysians (including me). Nothing beats a good glass of teh tarik paired with a slice of bread, roti canai or recently, pure lotus mooncake. The health experts have many warnings against this drink - diabetes, rheumatism, tooth decay... but that doesn't deter us from chasing after the perfect concoction of Malaysian Flavour. After all, we can opt for "Kurang Manis" (not so sweet), and my home-brewed teh tarik is far less sweet than the ones sold at mamak stalls.

Many a night I lost a great deal of sleep, thanks to the teh tarik I drank heartily in supper - Its function as a stimulant works far better for me than coffee. The difference in zzz-mileage between teh tarik and no teh tarik are huge, without teh tarik I can sleep like log; however the wake up time is the same for both conditions - Mon-Fri 5.30 a.m.; Sat-Sun, Public and school holidays 11.a.m.-12p.m. I tried abstaining from teh tarik on school days, but the aroma of the tea (or just the plain sight of the steel mug) proved resistance is futile.

Nevertheless, I'm proudly a teh tarik addict!

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