Thursday, October 15, 2009


A month more to the Big S, and all signs of a normal, parallel, routine life is fast disappearing. The students play hide and seek, turning up one day and absent the next. They say they study at home, but in my experience studying at home is fail. Teachers don’t teach anymore, because of all those trial tests and exams. One good thing – it keeps me in exam gear and hopefully this gear can last until SPM. But routine is fast disappearing…

Once upon a time, I thought I would be staying at my hometown, Kerteh forever, or al least until Form 5… who knows, now I’ve scored 6 years at Balakong now. Life is really unstable, unpredictable. It did not occur to me then that the routine of waking up to the sea breeze, seeing the sun rise above the horizon every morning, studying in such a relaxed school (my alma mater SJKC Chee Mong), trips to Kemaman every Saturday…once a routine, now a treasured privilege.

Cny2007 101

My old school

Kuantan-Kemaman 2007 040

By the river in Kemaman

Change dawned upon us fifth-formers again, with the countdown down to just 33 days away. A few Saturdays more, and the life of taking the bus to school, assembly, recess, rushing homework, dodging the discipline teachers, playing with classmates… will vanish in a puff of smoke. No, not even smoke are left. what’s left will be our photographs, memorabilia and our own memories. As we enter the pinnacles of higher knowledge our view of life will certainly change too.

CIMG5413 CIMG5423

Treasure your every moment, because it just comes by only once in your life, and will never happen again.

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