Monday, October 12, 2009

Red Alert

This is quite serious. No, I mean, totally serious! I can't concentrate during the day, tending to fall asleep on the couch, be it rain or shine or air-con. Or else, just to keep me awake I prowl around the house in search of food. So, in 1 hour I may have spent 40 minutes scavenging, 20 min study, 10 min concentrate, 5 min remember.

Night-time is my better-preferred time to study. After 10 , at least, with a good cup of teh tarik. Two will do the trick best (3 will earn myself a stomachache). Just last week I've studied Chemistry, and I still remember that rusted iron nails turns potassium hexacyanoferrate [K3Fe(CN)6] blue, not brown as I previously assumed (and logically should be, after all, rust is brown in colour. But you can't argue with results). But sometimes the night goes on too long, and my zzz-mileage too little - and careless mistakes pops out next morning. Once I solved a equation and found the value of m, but at the Ans:___ part, I wrote there "Ans: m ".

Afternoon study is fail, unless if I make teh tarik in the afternoon – a good mug of it, table, chair, air-con (or more preferred, rain), plus model tests (read=sleep to me). But in spite of all these, the comfy yellow couch looks more inviting…

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