Friday, October 9, 2009

Mission : Kuli @ Kuang

Date : 8 Oct 2009
Venue : Asrama Damai Rumah Anak-Anak Yatim, Kuang
Mission in brief : Sweating it out and join in the effort to help the orphans.
Duration : 0700-1800 (GMT +8)
Chronology :

0815 - Mission briefing. Fresh mind in the early morning.

0930 - Safety briefing (by Pa, in the picture). "BE careful of slips, trips and falls; use 3-point system for ladders, assess risks before starting work, etc, etc..."

1000 - Mission start! 作戦開始!
The paint team gives the wall at the car park a new face. Some are sweeping and cleaning the garden. Another team are giving the wall of the boy's dorm a fresh coat of paint. And another team is tasked with a canteen ceiling makeover! (just skin deep)

And my post - Food warehouse cleaning and reorganizing! The warehouse is a nightmare, with creepy-crawlies all over the floor and the air smells of rotten bug corpses and food. All food are taken out and goes under expiry date inspection before returning to the warehouse.

1230 - Chow time!

1300 - Back to work. Our team was the fastest to finish our mission. Just look at the changes!

Dumpster before and after. Our team contributed the most - just look at the sea of bottles of expired ketchup and sauces.

Other before and afters:
1. Car Park

2. Boy's Dorm

3. Canteen ceiling

1700 - Mission complete. Good job everyone!

And my personal mark of honour - the mark of the kuli~

*Kuli - Malay for "coolie", a historical term for manual labourers in the 19th century and early 2oth century.

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