Friday, October 30, 2009

Leaf Album


The hottest thing in class right now – the monitor’s leaf album!

Ya-lah, it’s actually an autograph book, just covered with leaves and memories of my fellow friends and classmates. I told them not to hold anything back when writing about me, and oh boy they sure did! But one thing is that they often commented about my temper, especially when I’m really busy and the class is not helping by causing more troubles for me. But after all, I told them to say what they think, haha.

Luckily many are still appreciative of my efforts as the class monitor, one even commented “You shaped 5E as it is known today”. Just hoping that 5E is known to other people as a good class ^^. My closer circle of friends took the time to write essays about me, and I’m really grateful that one day I’ll look back at this book and find all your rants, praises, confessions and fond memories all recorded in my Leaf Album.

I don’t regret being the class monitor, but instead I was glad to be given the chance. By playing this role I gain many valuable experiences and lessons, and above all I get to know all of you guys without barriers of different interests, gender and race. Every time I hear good things said about 5E I feel proud deep in my heart, and when someone badmouths the class I defended it. Sounds like a protective parent, don’t I?

To those who left their mark on my Leaf Album I thank you; to those who haven’t yet – my album is always open!

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