Friday, October 2, 2009

Lackadaisical a.k.a. LAZY

I'm seriously lackadaisical - the Year-end school trip I haven't called, and other ambitious plans all I've put on hold. Even my studies I feel that I'm not spending enough time on it.

I'm the best - on wasting time doing nothing. I wonder where did my time go when other people have like so many time despite tuitions and all. They have time to play, time to go out and time to go on with ambitious plans of their own. It's a paradox where i frequently lament the cruel one-way street of time-flow, and yet I'm not using the time on my hand to full potential...

My plans goes unfinished, my blog is seriously un-updated (rectified for now). On my term of Secretary at Computer Club, I had so many plans to do and activities to organize, but there was so little time, so little help, so little will... and al had gone to waste.

I'm good at starting things, but had trouble bringing up da pace. This must be changed - Boy, you still have a long way to go.

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