Friday, October 23, 2009


Actually It’s 25 days left at the time of writing… just for posterity…

A month to the final of finals, at least for school life; and the beginning of beginnings, of a great field of opportunities, chances, and experiences never explored. All familiar routines disappears and you are left with dice of chances.

Our second trial is coming to an end, and some students are quite alarmingly relaxed. I know of a band of new K-addicts who goes to the music boxes one in two weeks. Still others are MIA, citing study at home but hoping they don’t get KIA’ed by stress or the lack of it. As for me, study gear is going good, but Add Maths Paper 2 today is a tad too difficult – the SPM papers I did will no way be up to that level. Of course, we want quality A+ students, but please show compassion for us who has 11 subjects to score (for the average Science Student).

To my fellow comrades in preparing for the big S, hang in there, and good luck.

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