Friday, October 30, 2009

Leaf Album


The hottest thing in class right now – the monitor’s leaf album!

Ya-lah, it’s actually an autograph book, just covered with leaves and memories of my fellow friends and classmates. I told them not to hold anything back when writing about me, and oh boy they sure did! But one thing is that they often commented about my temper, especially when I’m really busy and the class is not helping by causing more troubles for me. But after all, I told them to say what they think, haha.

Luckily many are still appreciative of my efforts as the class monitor, one even commented “You shaped 5E as it is known today”. Just hoping that 5E is known to other people as a good class ^^. My closer circle of friends took the time to write essays about me, and I’m really grateful that one day I’ll look back at this book and find all your rants, praises, confessions and fond memories all recorded in my Leaf Album.

I don’t regret being the class monitor, but instead I was glad to be given the chance. By playing this role I gain many valuable experiences and lessons, and above all I get to know all of you guys without barriers of different interests, gender and race. Every time I hear good things said about 5E I feel proud deep in my heart, and when someone badmouths the class I defended it. Sounds like a protective parent, don’t I?

To those who left their mark on my Leaf Album I thank you; to those who haven’t yet – my album is always open!

Monday, October 26, 2009

If The World Was Bigger

If the world was bigger,
I’d be an adventurer,
Exploring the unknowns,
Discovering the undiscovered…

I would trek far and wide,
To the barren land of the North,
I would hop on a sailing ship,
Across the sea to another world.

If the world was bigger,
and much of it unknown,
I’ll brave the horizons,
and create history out of me.

I would bring home much exotics,
Stories of places I’ve been,
I would miss home and be lonely,
But this would be the best thing I did.

Sleeping under the starry skies,
Travelling on dizzying heights,
Plying the road on my cart,
Under the eternal twilights.

But alas, there were airplanes,
Cars and trains, and others alike,
And outer space is much too wide,
Before reaching a star, I’ll be long dead

In spite of it all, I still want to travel,
To different places, to different cultures,
I’ll strive for it, whatever it takes,
So JPA, spare me a place^^

If the world was bigger,
I would be an adventurer,
Plying the road on my faithful cart,
Under the eternal twilights.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Actually It’s 25 days left at the time of writing… just for posterity…

A month to the final of finals, at least for school life; and the beginning of beginnings, of a great field of opportunities, chances, and experiences never explored. All familiar routines disappears and you are left with dice of chances.

Our second trial is coming to an end, and some students are quite alarmingly relaxed. I know of a band of new K-addicts who goes to the music boxes one in two weeks. Still others are MIA, citing study at home but hoping they don’t get KIA’ed by stress or the lack of it. As for me, study gear is going good, but Add Maths Paper 2 today is a tad too difficult – the SPM papers I did will no way be up to that level. Of course, we want quality A+ students, but please show compassion for us who has 11 subjects to score (for the average Science Student).

To my fellow comrades in preparing for the big S, hang in there, and good luck.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


A month more to the Big S, and all signs of a normal, parallel, routine life is fast disappearing. The students play hide and seek, turning up one day and absent the next. They say they study at home, but in my experience studying at home is fail. Teachers don’t teach anymore, because of all those trial tests and exams. One good thing – it keeps me in exam gear and hopefully this gear can last until SPM. But routine is fast disappearing…

Once upon a time, I thought I would be staying at my hometown, Kerteh forever, or al least until Form 5… who knows, now I’ve scored 6 years at Balakong now. Life is really unstable, unpredictable. It did not occur to me then that the routine of waking up to the sea breeze, seeing the sun rise above the horizon every morning, studying in such a relaxed school (my alma mater SJKC Chee Mong), trips to Kemaman every Saturday…once a routine, now a treasured privilege.

Cny2007 101

My old school

Kuantan-Kemaman 2007 040

By the river in Kemaman

Change dawned upon us fifth-formers again, with the countdown down to just 33 days away. A few Saturdays more, and the life of taking the bus to school, assembly, recess, rushing homework, dodging the discipline teachers, playing with classmates… will vanish in a puff of smoke. No, not even smoke are left. what’s left will be our photographs, memorabilia and our own memories. As we enter the pinnacles of higher knowledge our view of life will certainly change too.

CIMG5413 CIMG5423

Treasure your every moment, because it just comes by only once in your life, and will never happen again.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Red Alert

This is quite serious. No, I mean, totally serious! I can't concentrate during the day, tending to fall asleep on the couch, be it rain or shine or air-con. Or else, just to keep me awake I prowl around the house in search of food. So, in 1 hour I may have spent 40 minutes scavenging, 20 min study, 10 min concentrate, 5 min remember.

Night-time is my better-preferred time to study. After 10 , at least, with a good cup of teh tarik. Two will do the trick best (3 will earn myself a stomachache). Just last week I've studied Chemistry, and I still remember that rusted iron nails turns potassium hexacyanoferrate [K3Fe(CN)6] blue, not brown as I previously assumed (and logically should be, after all, rust is brown in colour. But you can't argue with results). But sometimes the night goes on too long, and my zzz-mileage too little - and careless mistakes pops out next morning. Once I solved a equation and found the value of m, but at the Ans:___ part, I wrote there "Ans: m ".

Afternoon study is fail, unless if I make teh tarik in the afternoon – a good mug of it, table, chair, air-con (or more preferred, rain), plus model tests (read=sleep to me). But in spite of all these, the comfy yellow couch looks more inviting…

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mission : Kuli @ Kuang

Date : 8 Oct 2009
Venue : Asrama Damai Rumah Anak-Anak Yatim, Kuang
Mission in brief : Sweating it out and join in the effort to help the orphans.
Duration : 0700-1800 (GMT +8)
Chronology :

0815 - Mission briefing. Fresh mind in the early morning.

0930 - Safety briefing (by Pa, in the picture). "BE careful of slips, trips and falls; use 3-point system for ladders, assess risks before starting work, etc, etc..."

1000 - Mission start! 作戦開始!
The paint team gives the wall at the car park a new face. Some are sweeping and cleaning the garden. Another team are giving the wall of the boy's dorm a fresh coat of paint. And another team is tasked with a canteen ceiling makeover! (just skin deep)

And my post - Food warehouse cleaning and reorganizing! The warehouse is a nightmare, with creepy-crawlies all over the floor and the air smells of rotten bug corpses and food. All food are taken out and goes under expiry date inspection before returning to the warehouse.

1230 - Chow time!

1300 - Back to work. Our team was the fastest to finish our mission. Just look at the changes!

Dumpster before and after. Our team contributed the most - just look at the sea of bottles of expired ketchup and sauces.

Other before and afters:
1. Car Park

2. Boy's Dorm

3. Canteen ceiling

1700 - Mission complete. Good job everyone!

And my personal mark of honour - the mark of the kuli~

*Kuli - Malay for "coolie", a historical term for manual labourers in the 19th century and early 2oth century.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Teh Tarik

The iconic steel mug in my kitchen - When it is brought out, that could only mean one thing - It's teh tarik time!

Teh tarik, a perfect blend of tea and milk, the cup of tea for sweet-toothed Malaysians (including me). Nothing beats a good glass of teh tarik paired with a slice of bread, roti canai or recently, pure lotus mooncake. The health experts have many warnings against this drink - diabetes, rheumatism, tooth decay... but that doesn't deter us from chasing after the perfect concoction of Malaysian Flavour. After all, we can opt for "Kurang Manis" (not so sweet), and my home-brewed teh tarik is far less sweet than the ones sold at mamak stalls.

Many a night I lost a great deal of sleep, thanks to the teh tarik I drank heartily in supper - Its function as a stimulant works far better for me than coffee. The difference in zzz-mileage between teh tarik and no teh tarik are huge, without teh tarik I can sleep like log; however the wake up time is the same for both conditions - Mon-Fri 5.30 a.m.; Sat-Sun, Public and school holidays 11.a.m.-12p.m. I tried abstaining from teh tarik on school days, but the aroma of the tea (or just the plain sight of the steel mug) proved resistance is futile.

Nevertheless, I'm proudly a teh tarik addict!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lackadaisical a.k.a. LAZY

I'm seriously lackadaisical - the Year-end school trip I haven't called, and other ambitious plans all I've put on hold. Even my studies I feel that I'm not spending enough time on it.

I'm the best - on wasting time doing nothing. I wonder where did my time go when other people have like so many time despite tuitions and all. They have time to play, time to go out and time to go on with ambitious plans of their own. It's a paradox where i frequently lament the cruel one-way street of time-flow, and yet I'm not using the time on my hand to full potential...

My plans goes unfinished, my blog is seriously un-updated (rectified for now). On my term of Secretary at Computer Club, I had so many plans to do and activities to organize, but there was so little time, so little help, so little will... and al had gone to waste.

I'm good at starting things, but had trouble bringing up da pace. This must be changed - Boy, you still have a long way to go.