Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We learnt in Science that there are three kinds of substances - elements, compounds and mixtures. Of these three, the Mixture is the most useful one.

We eat Mixture, we drink Mixture, we shower with Mixture, we live in Mixture.

Your dining table doesn't look like this.

Instead, it is a harmonious mixture of proteins, fats, oils and love which gives a great taste and rich texture.

Your coffee is not Fe2CO. It is a blend of coffee beans and other things such as milk and sugar to your taste to make it nice and tasty.

Elements and compounds rarely can stand on its own. Pure metals needs to be alloyed to amke it stronger, i.e. adding other metals in it. Silicon makes a diode only if fused with germanium, boron and others.

Similarly, we are a perfect blend of people who make up the roots and bases and foundation of our beloved country. No one can stand on its own, we need each other to raise our flag and keep it standing tall.

Although we may sometimes bicker, the differences smoothes out with the passage of time, no hard feelings. Just like ingredients of a coffee mixes together to create a much-loved beverege, we live together in harmony with the best of each and every culture, food and individual to create a colourful, happy and prosperous nation.

A Chinese proverb goes, "If a mountain does not let soil around him, it wouldn't have became that huge. 泰山不让土壤,故能成其大。 "

Happy Malaysia Day.

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