Friday, September 4, 2009


The Rain God up there somehow forgot to turn off the tap this week, and we are blessed with cool weather. I can now sit under my usual spot under the air-con without it on (which ironically is the hottest place at home without the air-con on) without sweating. It is also much cooler at school, saving me from getting sweaty and heaty and of course smelly. Global warming does not exist for this week.

Of course, there are complaints of clothes not drying, running noses and such, as well as the general gloominess of the wet season. Sitting down on the couch often led me to doze off, and all study plans for the day and week failed. In addition, The Sun who is takng a leave likes to come back sometime to check how are we doing. This alternating hot and cold weather causes many people to fall sick. On top of all, Malaysia is not Malaysia without the hot weather!

I love cool weather all right, but it's better that the hot weather stays. In the vortex of this ever changing world, people find solace in something that never changes. Everything is in place, nothing funny happening, have a nice day.

And while we're at it, let the air-con take holiday for a while longer to help out in the mission to let Mr.Global Warming go for good.

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