Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Road Not Taken

A road diverged in a yellow wood,
And be a traveller long I stood,
And looked to where it went in the undergrowth.

From far I viewed the mountain of success,
where truimph and glory lie, eager to be possessed,
The deep gorge of failure, which I dread,
and the big plateau of life, field of chances and traps spread.

It's a one -way street, with many routes to take,
From the staircase of life to the platform of the dead,
All the roads, equally fair, and showing fully of wear and tear,
Yet I can only choose - one to dare.

I shall be telling this, sometime ages and ages since,
A road diverged in a yellow wood - I chose,
And that had made all the diffrence.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sensitive Tooth vs. Human Nature

One day in the school holidays, I was gobbling ice cream and suddenly, "Ouch!" It was the beginning of the cursed tooth exodus, the black sheep of otherwise my perfect palate and the source of my frustration for weeks.

No, it wasn't the normal sensitive tooth caused my receding gums, the cause is a part of the dentine in the center of the tooth is exposed. Just a week before the start of the exodus, I had that sensitive tooth filled, and it seems that (ahem, cannot tahan-edy) fucking dentist drilled too deep of a hole inside my tooth before filling it. When I went to complain, it appears that particular dentist is fired. My mum who had her tooth filled by that dentist too felt pain from her tooth - right after it was filled, until now, despite going back to the clinic to dig out the filling and replacing it. I just got some oxalate compound and a sensitive toothpaste, the thought of "digging it out" frightened me.

This taught me a thing about human nature. I didn't care much about my teeth until this happened. Well this isn't my fault (I suppose), but I admit I didn't brush my teeth properly, including gargling and flossing it. One does not appreciate things until it is malfunctioning or gone. I'm telling you this, so you can prevent this from happening to you.

By the way, this is a reminder of how you brush your teeth - the wrong way will cause receding gums and sensitive tooth. This is the way -

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We learnt in Science that there are three kinds of substances - elements, compounds and mixtures. Of these three, the Mixture is the most useful one.

We eat Mixture, we drink Mixture, we shower with Mixture, we live in Mixture.

Your dining table doesn't look like this.

Instead, it is a harmonious mixture of proteins, fats, oils and love which gives a great taste and rich texture.

Your coffee is not Fe2CO. It is a blend of coffee beans and other things such as milk and sugar to your taste to make it nice and tasty.

Elements and compounds rarely can stand on its own. Pure metals needs to be alloyed to amke it stronger, i.e. adding other metals in it. Silicon makes a diode only if fused with germanium, boron and others.

Similarly, we are a perfect blend of people who make up the roots and bases and foundation of our beloved country. No one can stand on its own, we need each other to raise our flag and keep it standing tall.

Although we may sometimes bicker, the differences smoothes out with the passage of time, no hard feelings. Just like ingredients of a coffee mixes together to create a much-loved beverege, we live together in harmony with the best of each and every culture, food and individual to create a colourful, happy and prosperous nation.

A Chinese proverb goes, "If a mountain does not let soil around him, it wouldn't have became that huge. 泰山不让土壤,故能成其大。 "

Happy Malaysia Day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Random Rants

Insomnia rules the darkness, snores rule the day. Between dreams and reality, what do I choose? Sleep.

Trial exams has long since started. Currently, everything's just fine, one or two occasional hard questions but otherwise, it is quite a breeze. Add Maths which was once my enemy is now my ally, so the saying goes "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em". I can't write to the Kementerian to cancel off this subject, so I might as well buff up, join in and be part of the sin, cos and tan.

In a few mmore months my secondary school life comes to a full stop, adn thus begins my journey into society, freedom and responsibility. A-levels is my way to go, but with a whole field of probabilities lying in front, who knows what'll I choose when the time comes? Before that, life was just a straight line, follow the road and you'll stay on course. It's a totally different thing.

I should be jotting in more of the memories of this year for reference in the future, but my life's still parallel and constant to this time. Schools are still on, no revolutionaries or secret agents have come over to recruit me, and Ma hasn't won the 6/52 yet.

Apples still fall off trees, the sun still rises in the east. All's right with the world - have a nice day~

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And I Became Braver

This time
I'm wearing purple
You're wearing blue

I know you
Your heart isn't as true
I'm purple
I'm more true than you

I was not afraid
of no blades
But words
Made me poisoned

My heart, my feelings
Taught me a lesson
And I became braver

Translated from a Malay poem by Latifah Haji Shebi, "Aku Menjadi Lebih Berani".

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hot and cold

The dreaded hot season is back again... The streets are baked red-hot, the sun's glare penetrated through every hole and window, hot air flowing in from every side and the air=con up and running again...I said before that hot weather is good, but now, it is a contradiction!

Well, contradiction is the essence of life!

Friday, September 4, 2009


The Rain God up there somehow forgot to turn off the tap this week, and we are blessed with cool weather. I can now sit under my usual spot under the air-con without it on (which ironically is the hottest place at home without the air-con on) without sweating. It is also much cooler at school, saving me from getting sweaty and heaty and of course smelly. Global warming does not exist for this week.

Of course, there are complaints of clothes not drying, running noses and such, as well as the general gloominess of the wet season. Sitting down on the couch often led me to doze off, and all study plans for the day and week failed. In addition, The Sun who is takng a leave likes to come back sometime to check how are we doing. This alternating hot and cold weather causes many people to fall sick. On top of all, Malaysia is not Malaysia without the hot weather!

I love cool weather all right, but it's better that the hot weather stays. In the vortex of this ever changing world, people find solace in something that never changes. Everything is in place, nothing funny happening, have a nice day.

And while we're at it, let the air-con take holiday for a while longer to help out in the mission to let Mr.Global Warming go for good.