Friday, August 21, 2009

Silence is Not Gold

A few days ago I went to a motivational seminar organized by our school. The speaker, Uncle Sam briefed us with some important knowledge to step into society. This included what we call the 3Cs, namely Creativity, Critical Thinking and Communication.

Due to the obsession of Malaysian students (well, not all but most of us) with exams, we failed to develop and nurture these aspects. Sure, SPM is very important; but a few years after you graduate high school would anyone bother about your SPM results? No, what they want is your calibre, your quality, your 3Cs.

One of the reasons Malaysian students does not make it big on the world arena is that because they lack open-mindedness. They refuse to speak out their views and keep their thoughts to themselves. The lack Communication. You may have the best brains in the world, but if you don't use your mouth nobody's going to know it!

The Chinese proverb "Silence is gold/沉默是金" is totally WRONG!

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