Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 4 - Of HRC and Ballibong clothes

We went to two beaches previously, but Sanur beach was jsut a pass-by and Kuta is too heavy with boats and water sports. Finally, our own discovering led us to Legian beach, the only beach that looks and feels like a beach ^^ White sands, blue water, sun, waves~~ In excitement I forgot to take off my watch and now I brought along back home some Legian seawater in the glass.

After playing we continued our exploration of Legian Street. It took us an whole hour of walking and yet no end is in sight. We passed by the Bombing Memorial, in memory of the tragedy at 12 Oct 2002 that claimed over 200 lives. It seems no one is taking pictures there, I just sneaked a pic for y'all.

On the streets there are a lot of surfing shops selling surf stuff and clothes, and besides them lies small, local shops that sells "Ballibong" clothes, and other souveniers especially keychains featuring curriculum of Form 5 Biology Chapter 4. Our mission was to find the Hard Rock Cafe, but alas it was too far away and we had to make do at the local pubs...Their Bali coffee is quite nice though.

Not forgetting that this is the last day, we checked out and went back to Ngurah Rai Airport to take our flight back home. Health screening in Malaysia is more stringent, and everyone who passes by the counter were amazingly silent - sounds of coughs and running noses filled the plane just earlier.

Our travelling tradition is to bring the oldest, lousiest clothes and dispose of it as we go. But this seems not the case this time, with tons of Ballibong shirts waiting for us to wash!

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