Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 3 - Azure Skies

Sailing over the clear blue skies, with the wind rushing in your face and everything becoming smaller and smaller... Parasailing is the word, you are hooked up to a parachute (or hot-air balloon), a motor speedboat tugs at you and you goes sailing on the clouds... Quite scary though, as you have only two hooks hanging you from the waist to the parachute and both your cold hands to hold onto the string.

To give you an idea of how high it goes...

After parasailing and snorkelling (the sea view there isn't really great, I've seen better), we went by boat to Turtle Island, they have a pet farm there with all the snakes, lizards, birds and of course turtles. Some turtles there are 60 years old!

Our next stop is another temple, Ulun Danu 'the temple on water' which is on Lake Beratan at the highlands of Bedugul. Fresh mountain air 1500 above sea level complments the scenery. The temples on the water although surrounded by water, is accesible by boat and in low tide.

Along the way we met with the terraced paddy fields, learnt in one Geography class years back.

Finally, before sunset we arrived at Tanah Lot, the "Land in the Middle of the sea" in Balinese language. A rock formation home to temples, sunsets there are one of the most tranquil sights on Earth.

The trademark beer in Bali is the Bir Bintang. Posing with the beer bottle (empty, of course) :

Alas , it's nice to see azure skies in Bali, Kuala Lumpur has been hazy, gloomy and cloudy days before. Skies signify infinity and blue for freedom, and blue skies gives a feeling of infinite fredom for me...

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