Friday, August 28, 2009


A book is treasure to one who values knowledge.

Reading is inspiring, goes the Popular message. Actually, reading is not only about books. The newspaper you read, the email you viewed, even this blog - you are reading it. But, in my opinion, nothing beats the fragrance of a good new book, wiht a glass of hot Teh Tarik on a cosy chair...

I love books, especially good books that can start the engine in your brain to think about the contents in the book just read. These books are usually expensive, but the knowledge you can get from the book is invaluable. Other than that, page-turners such as detective stories, thrillers and mysteries are my cup of tea too. I can gobble up a paperback novel in one night! Of course, I do not encourage this because good stories should be slowly chewed, tasted and regurgiated (this means to reread nice parts), but sometimes the urge to turn the page is too overwhelming!

One thing that put us bibiliophilics off is the dear costs of books, usually RM30+ for paperback novels; and any popular non-fiction would easily go above RM50. This hurts the wallets especically for students who are always urged to read more. Well, there si the school library, but more often than not te library is filled with books that are more suitable to put in the National Museum (Or in my case the primary school library next door, they have a collection of Enid Blyton's.) A solution is to share and exchange books with each other, but sadly not many of my friends collect books. Of course, I can share my collection with you, if you are interested please tell me!

And did you happen to wonder why did I chose to write about books? Well there was a book fair last week, and I spent RM120 on 3 books!

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