Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big Boy

Bags of college information, stacks of SPM Model Tests, the signs are eminent that my secondary school year is fast fading away...

As we leave the education system and into the real world, no doubt many are wondering, fearing or even fantasizing of the road ahead. Some comtemplating to pursue different types of Pre-U courses, some having their future carrer decided ages ago, and some ready to step into society. For me, I plan to further my studies(which is very common), and to a deep level such as Masters or PhD in the field (not so common). I dread working. And I don't plan too, unless if situaiton forbids or by luck I found the perfect job for me.

Last Friday our school organized a higher education fair and the likes of INTI, KDU and UCSI came to hold exhibits and promotions. I enquired for A-level courses and degree courses in Natural Sciences and Engineering. What caught my attention is the American Degree Transfer Program, but only one offered a degrree course in Physics. In fact, the course of my choice, Physics is only offered in very few universities and colleges, what I can remember is Taylor's, Sunway (both ADTP) and UTAR. I fared better because if I was three years younger, my choice at that time, Astronomy would score zero.

However, I plotted my path to either Form 6 or A-levels becuase this is the way to get to a prestigious university that has the necessary equipment and knowledge for Physics. But A-levels is too expensive, around RM20k in average for all the colleges I've asked. Form 6 seems a more feasible option, but the tests are hard and there may be a perception that it is inferior to A-levels, despite being on the same rank as STPM is modelled after the A-Levels. But it's price is RM200+ only!

Just now, I searched the Web for universities and colleges for the likes of INTI and UCSI but ended up at the website of CalTech, University of Copenhagen and University of New South Wales. Seems the A-levels/STPM path is the way to go.

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