Thursday, June 18, 2009

eXam eXempted

Due to me down with dengue fever, I missed out many papers in the midterms, in fact I have two subjects with marks only in my report card.
Seeing the faces of my friends when given his/her results. There are happy faces "Wow, I can't believe I passed!", dejected faces "Oh, fail-liao", Surprised faces "Wow, an A1!" , angry faces " Shit, how can I do this question wrong?!", begging faces "Teacher, one mark more-lah..." and the poker face "Hah? OK-loh..."
The seience papers and add.maths are quite hard this time, dunno it was my luck or unluck for not sitting this exam. We tend to do great in practices at school and at home, but in exams we tend to do mistakes, miscalculate (blame your fat fingers, not the calculator), or forgot the steps/facts completely. Our answers also need to comply with a marking scheme, so even if the answer has the same meaning as the one in the scheme, if the words aren't identical no marks given. This is true especially for Science papers.
Exam results should not be used as a benchmark for academic achievements, and does not signify one's intelligence. But until we can find a better way to assess understanding of knowledge in students, I'm afraid we need to stick to pen and paper (and the marking scheme)for a long while yet.

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