Sunday, May 10, 2009

Confessions of a Class Monitor

A picture of Class 5E
Come to think of it, it has been a good 5 months since I became the Chief Minister ( ahem, class monitor) of 5E. Along the way, I realized that the CM's task, among others is to ensure that the class is in top form, neat and tidy, and plays a pivotal roel is promoting class integration and unity.

The CM is an elected representative, a leader among the 41 guys and gals of 5E ^^. Not a servant, not by the ways of the ex-CM Mr.Chew which conveniently change everyone's perspective of the CM's role (or has it been like that all the while?). Easier said then done though, it is hard to change the mindset of the students
who quite expect you to one-handedly take care of the books and the rubbish and everything that goes with the class. And, being quite a dictator, I like to personally see that everything is in order, and so I think the problem lies here, ha.

However, it was in a form, my luck to be the monitor of 5e. Because of the added responsibility, I am no longer going throuhg school as if it was a dream (applied to Form 4 - at the end of the school year, I said,"Huh? '08 is over?"). And I am above the affairs of the heart now, because as a CM I view all my classmates as if they were my children, my responsibility :p, and I've go on a step further in psychological maturity.

Class integration is quite a problem, especially in clannish 5E, where we have the 'Bear-bear Clan', the 'Gamers Clan', the 'Artsy Clan', the 'Girls Clan' and of course the most headache-ing 'Ponteng Clan'. We have a forum which I owned and serves as an bridge between them, but lacks activity lately, maybe the buzz died down.

Anyway, I just wish to go through another 5 more months of peaceful montoring, and hopefully with improvements. We are, after all, one big family which we would always rmember after graduating from Yu Hua, and whether you go to college, university of work, all your memories of your final year, is in here, 5E.

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