Thursday, May 28, 2009

6D5N Kajang RM4500++

All no thanks to Demam Denggi Sdn.Bhd.
When you feel drowsy, heaty and bone pain, you know it's time to go for a 6D5N Kajang stay!!! But first, make sure that your blood platelet count is lower than 150 and dropping.
Special attractions:
1. Sleepness rules the day. Your job in the hospital is essentially just 4 things - eat, sleep, take meds, go toilet. You may have TV in your room too, don't watch too many Mr.Bean and Phineas and Ferb because you may go crazy.
2. Visit by family - The only thing you'll look forward to in your stay. Above all, my mum stayed overnight when my blood count drops to 24, but this still didnt stop it from -8 and me wheeled into the ICU.
3. Exotic food - Papaya leaf juice, frog and bitter gourd soup, frog porridge, crab porridge, and one porcupine innards powdered (available at Eu Yan Sang).

Any enquiries, don't ask me - I'm now recovering and don't wanna talk about it any more.

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