Friday, April 3, 2009

旅の夢 Dreams of Travel

picture taken from - terima kasih banyak-banyak
Travelling is always my favourite dream, or daydream to imagine about. Travel intrigues me as a break to monotonous life and a way to experience new cultures.
Every day, I dream of backpacking in Europe, exploring the countryside and the megacities. I dream of going to sleep under a blanket of stars, maybe in the wilderness of Siberia, Africa or just some huge wild plain with no end in sight. I dream of exploring the mountain passes, great dungeons and deep caves, even underground ruins of the city where the Underground do their shady deals. I dream of going to some place which has spring and autumn, away from the constant summer here all year round. Not that I don't like it though, but it's nice to have change.
Snow, falling leaves, stars, mountains, lakes, islands, flower fields, caves, ruins...These are all my fantasies!

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