Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cultural Night

This year being the last year of my school life, I attended the Cultural Night show in my school last night for the experience of it. Admission is RM10 and i can say it's money well-spent!
Most performances are good such as the Harmonica which played tunes such as Ketchup Song, A Baklan Medley and V3. (Picture top) Dramas were nice to watch too, it's just the choir which is still quite in its infancy that hasn't performed up to standard yet.
Anyway, I left the hall hapily!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Finally, I upgraded my PC RAM by 2GB!
It was a thorn in the flesh of my computer recently, my measly 512 RAM. It was unable to play a lot of the new games out there, and with the upgrades of applications my computer seemed slower. I've been wanting to upgrade it, but 1 year has passed since then and nothing has been done, and I was trapped in my 512 cocoon.
Then on the last day of the PIKOM fair at KLCC, I bought a 2GB RAM. Haing heard of all horror stories regarding static electricity, I was initially scared to install it, but it seems holding the metal part of the CPU while installing works.

So now, it is not an issue anymore!

Friday, April 3, 2009

旅の夢 Dreams of Travel

picture taken from - terima kasih banyak-banyak
Travelling is always my favourite dream, or daydream to imagine about. Travel intrigues me as a break to monotonous life and a way to experience new cultures.
Every day, I dream of backpacking in Europe, exploring the countryside and the megacities. I dream of going to sleep under a blanket of stars, maybe in the wilderness of Siberia, Africa or just some huge wild plain with no end in sight. I dream of exploring the mountain passes, great dungeons and deep caves, even underground ruins of the city where the Underground do their shady deals. I dream of going to some place which has spring and autumn, away from the constant summer here all year round. Not that I don't like it though, but it's nice to have change.
Snow, falling leaves, stars, mountains, lakes, islands, flower fields, caves, ruins...These are all my fantasies!