Friday, February 20, 2009

The road less travelled

Since I was knowledgable enough to understand how things work in this world, I was always fascinated with science, how it makes things work in the world and explains phenomena that occurs around us. This prompted me to be a Science student last year, to understand more about the laws of nature that governs everything.

I was, and is still now an astronomy buff, albeit less active in stargazing in the past three years. When I was little I was fascinated by the planets, stars and the cosmic matters far away, and read up on various subjects about it. I moved to the city later on with access to the Internet, and it proved to be a great treasure trove of imformation to further increase my knowledge in astronomy.

As I delved deeper, I started to gain exposure from "deep" topics such as wavelengths, quantum mechanics , space-time, and relativity (some basics only). I read books and information from Hawking, Einstein and other physicsts, and this sparked my interest in PHYSICS.
And so, I deviated.

So, I suppose my future career path lies in Physics. I'm quite sure because I tend to feel sleepy in Bio or Chemo, but not in Physics(teacher factor excluded, believe me, my Physics teacher sucks). I told my Ma that I want to futher my studies in Physics, and she laughed. "This is the first time I've heard of anyone wanting to study Physics!" she said. She then gave me other options such as material engineering, civil, metallurgy or something-like-that, all related to constructions. Maybe because construction is in my surname (Fong '房' means "house" in Chinese). So I started searching for career prospects in physics, and it all turned out quite fine for me. I can go into related fields like Biophysics, R&D, electronics, medical physics, even computing!

But if I really want to major in Physics, I'll need to sharpen my Maths! So, wish good luck to me!

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