Saturday, January 31, 2009

Uncle Lims

There are over 80 million Zhangs in China. There are also tens of Uncle Lims around me.
One of them is in Dungun. A few of them are my father's golfing friends. One of them went to our house's open house yesterday. Which one? Lim Dow Hee? Lim Eng Ban? Lim Poh Kee? There are too many Uncle Lims, it confuses me!
By the way, our open house is a great one, with the food mostly finished and everyone leaving happily. Since you all Kajang people are so lazy to come, citing rubbish reasons like leg pain becuase of siting too long in the car (it's jsut a 20 min drive from Yu Hua), I have my Subang Jaya friends to attend! What-la, you see, even people from Subang Jaya also came!

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