Monday, August 18, 2008

East Coast Trip - Chapter of Kemaman 甘马挽篇

The town of Kemaman is located in the southern tip of the state of Terengganu, a place I frequented on Saturdays a long time ago. You see, once upon a time I lived in Kerteh, but that's another story.

Not enough of yellow noodles? Then try this restaurant which has this soup noodle dish with a special touch, you may get addicted! My mum once introduced this to her friend, and she came twice!

This shop is run by Lan Che (sister Lan, not a nun), you can recognize her with her large spectacles.

When your stomach is full, enjoy the cooling breeze at the 'waterfront' of Kemaman. Take a walk along the side of the river, or just laze on a bench with a bag of duku langsat bought at the nearby market.

Take notice of a large durian around there too.

If you heard of Hai Peng or are a coffee addict, you may want to give it a try too.

East Coast Trip - Chapter of Sungai Lembing 林明篇

This name of Sungai Lembing will sound familiar if you still remember your History and Geography (appplies to Malaysian students only) . Sg Lembing is a former tin mining town which has the deepest tin mine, now closed except for some parts. A sleepy hollow for a while but tours now pours in droves.

Lembing Hill is quite an easy climb and boasts spectacular views. Locals and tourists climb up before dawn to see the sunrise. When you look down from the top of the hill, the parts below are shrouded in mist, and the view looks just right out of a Chinese scenery painting. The sun woke up quite late, and greeted us with its sizzling egg yolk and dazzling sunbeams.

Lembing noodles are the gastro-speciality here, these not-your-typical yellow noodles are not to be missed.

This town also has three hanging bridges, and they are so sturdy locals ride their motorbikes across them!

The tin mine expo site is closed for repairs, but ruins of the "tin refinery" site can be seen. Here lies once a bustling area, producing tin for the early global economy.