Friday, June 13, 2008

The Phantom Of The Sekolah

Bloodshot eyes, half past five,
This is my daily school days rite,
Limbs automated, but
The mind still sleeping,
Breathing through my lifeless body,
Bathing, brushing, cleaning, wearing...
Life's a dream...

Oh what the heck!
Ten minutes to six,
And breakfast still not eaten yet,
Hot Milo rushing down my throat,
Bread in my mouth reaching max load,
What, the bus?!
Damn early it was!
Chomping, rushing, packing, leaving...
Life's a dream...

6:40 in the morning,
To class I was walking,
Body autopilot-ing,
Under cold fluorescent lighting...
"Ladies and gentlemen,
I hereby announce, the arrival of,
The Phantom Of The Sekolah."

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