Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Money Will Keep Rolling In

Everything that happens have a cause. Same goes to the recent petrol price hike.
As we all know, global crude oil prices are soaring crazily until the government cannot keep on with the existing subsidy. That is why they increase the petrol price. However, do not forget that our quality of living has risen too. Forty years ago, few families can afford a car, let alone a television set; compared to now where an average family have 2 cars and 2 TVs. Now, we must pay the price for living lavishly in the old times, where gas was cheap and life was good.
Alas, good times will also end one day. But, do not forget that our economy is going good. The appreciation of our currency value will cushion the effect of the price increases. Poor countries does not stay poor forever, as long as we strive to propel the economy to greater heights.
So, stay at your home and rest, don't join the mad petrol rush tonight, because money will keep rolling in.

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  1. let crossed our fingers and hope for a better tomorrow.