Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sights and Sounds : Sabah - Back to Nature!

Although I may not look like it, I'm an ex-kampung boy who appreciates nature, and is kind enough to share some Sabah pics with you 4E guys. When you compile your Sabah research folios, make sure you put my website, in the reference page!
Fate caused rain to damper our Kinabalu National Park trip, so we only went to Poring hot Springs, a 3-hour drive from KK on extremely windy roads. A prominent feature is the canopy walk, not for those who cannot tolerate great heights. The jungle trail to the canopy walk is a long one, but is quite easy and suitable for everyone.

The name Poring is derived from the Kadazan name of bamboo, "poring", which grows quite abundantly here!

This pic is the river of Poring. The untreated water there contains sulphur, so don't dive in, even though it looks inviting!

This is a small town near Mt.Kinabalu. From here, the majestic mountain can be seen. The view of the mountain range is nice too.

A little dose of history: Kinabalu National Park is the 1st World Heritage Site in Malaysia, thanks to the exotic flora and fauna there. Many people, including my aunt ascended Low's Peak and made history for themselves. Beware of taking things from the mountain though, you should have heard of the many lingering stories about it.

One day, I will go to the top of this mountain!

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