Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sights and Sounds : Sabah - Back to Nature!

Although I may not look like it, I'm an ex-kampung boy who appreciates nature, and is kind enough to share some Sabah pics with you 4E guys. When you compile your Sabah research folios, make sure you put my website, in the reference page!
Fate caused rain to damper our Kinabalu National Park trip, so we only went to Poring hot Springs, a 3-hour drive from KK on extremely windy roads. A prominent feature is the canopy walk, not for those who cannot tolerate great heights. The jungle trail to the canopy walk is a long one, but is quite easy and suitable for everyone.

The name Poring is derived from the Kadazan name of bamboo, "poring", which grows quite abundantly here!

This pic is the river of Poring. The untreated water there contains sulphur, so don't dive in, even though it looks inviting!

This is a small town near Mt.Kinabalu. From here, the majestic mountain can be seen. The view of the mountain range is nice too.

A little dose of history: Kinabalu National Park is the 1st World Heritage Site in Malaysia, thanks to the exotic flora and fauna there. Many people, including my aunt ascended Low's Peak and made history for themselves. Beware of taking things from the mountain though, you should have heard of the many lingering stories about it.

One day, I will go to the top of this mountain!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sights and Sounds : Kota Kinabalu

As you all know, Kota Kinabalu is the capital city of Sabah state, near the foot of Mt. Kinabalu (2 hour-drive) and beside the South China Sea.
The place I love most in KK will be the picturesque Waterfront. Sunsets are always glorious and enchanting, right here where the sun meets the sea and the islands and the city. My camera captured these pics in sunset mode.

By day, the tropical breeze is very energizing. By night, the Waterfront will be the place 'to be'.

The sea is my soul, but I have a penchant for hills too. Signal Hill on KK gives breathtaking sights. The hill is a guide for ships to go to the KK city port.

Markets are aplenty here in KK, the most prominent being the Gaya Street Sunday Market. There is also the normal wet & dry markets as well as the Filipino handicraft market. The version of RapidKL in Sabah will be these fleet of "Bas Berhenti-henti".

Stay tuned for the next instalment : Sabah - Back to Nature!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Phantom Of The Sekolah

Bloodshot eyes, half past five,
This is my daily school days rite,
Limbs automated, but
The mind still sleeping,
Breathing through my lifeless body,
Bathing, brushing, cleaning, wearing...
Life's a dream...

Oh what the heck!
Ten minutes to six,
And breakfast still not eaten yet,
Hot Milo rushing down my throat,
Bread in my mouth reaching max load,
What, the bus?!
Damn early it was!
Chomping, rushing, packing, leaving...
Life's a dream...

6:40 in the morning,
To class I was walking,
Body autopilot-ing,
Under cold fluorescent lighting...
"Ladies and gentlemen,
I hereby announce, the arrival of,
The Phantom Of The Sekolah."

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Money Will Keep Rolling In

Everything that happens have a cause. Same goes to the recent petrol price hike.
As we all know, global crude oil prices are soaring crazily until the government cannot keep on with the existing subsidy. That is why they increase the petrol price. However, do not forget that our quality of living has risen too. Forty years ago, few families can afford a car, let alone a television set; compared to now where an average family have 2 cars and 2 TVs. Now, we must pay the price for living lavishly in the old times, where gas was cheap and life was good.
Alas, good times will also end one day. But, do not forget that our economy is going good. The appreciation of our currency value will cushion the effect of the price increases. Poor countries does not stay poor forever, as long as we strive to propel the economy to greater heights.
So, stay at your home and rest, don't join the mad petrol rush tonight, because money will keep rolling in.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

How To Make Fkofong Teh Tarik (Picture Version)

Due to some problems, the pictures are shown somewhere below. Please scroll down to view.

1. Prepare:
6 teabags, condensed milk, boiled water,a steel mug, spoons
2. Boil about 1 litre of water
3. Put teabags into the mug
4. Pour boiling water
into the mug
5. Add condensed milk into the mixture
6. Stir the mixture...
7. ...until it turns into a golden brown colour (something like this) or to taste.
8. Pour the tea into a cup ala mamak style.
9. Enjoy!
10. The End