Sunday, April 6, 2008

How to make Fkofong(c) Teh Tarik

Teh tarik is a special type of milk tea native to Malaysia. It can be found in the Mamak stalls, however the drink can also be homemade in just a few easy steps.

Materials: 6 tea bags (for 5 persons), condensed milk, boiled water
Apparatus: A steel jug, spoon
1. Prepare all things mentioned, then pour boiled water into the jug until it is almost full.
2. Add condensed milk into the mixture and stir it until it turns a golden-brown colour. Alternatively, you can also add the condensed milk to your taste preference.
3. If you have evaporated milk, add some into the mixture too (a tablespoon will do)
4. Leave it for 5 minutes, then enjoy!

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