Sunday, March 16, 2008

Midnight Symphony

Night is falling, dawn creeping,
Finished my day as I goes yawning,
Indulging in comfort while tomorrow's approaching,
And all of a sudden, the strays are barking,
Another followed suit, and another, and another,
Barking out a irritating Midnight Symphony,
Long into the night without apparent ending,
And it goes way on until 5 in the morning,
My bloodshot eyes, hands trembling,
Blood pressure spiking into uncharted territory,
I grabbed a rocket launcher, and shot every dog I saw,
Until all that's left are dog calcium and protein,
Then I dozed off in the sea of dog haemoglobin,
But this is just a dream, a dream I had made,
When I finally fell asleep in 5:10 in the morning.
(and wake up at 7:15)

Calcium=bone Protein=meat haemoglobin=blood

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